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  EXBIT exclusive distributor of SENECA for Bulgaria.  

SCADA system for supervisory control of alcohol plant at Zaharni Zavodi PLC Gorna Oriahovitza. Visualization and process control, alarm management and data logging for the equipment status. Energy and material flow optimization.

Control and monitoring integration system in the power plant Enel Maritza East 3. Integration, visualization, analysis and logging of the OPC data from all control systems. Alarm management and “First Out” processing. Providing for reliable centralized access to OPC data from business management systems.

Systems for data transmission from the custody transfer flow measurement devices to the Information System of the National Customs Agency.

Electrical and control equipment for storage and batch control of liquid saccharine products. Supports constant temperature into the tanks and pipelines for storage of liquids. Flexible electrical heaters, manufactured by EXBIT®.

Absolute moisture measurement and control systems for bulk solids with digital microwave sensors.

Electrical and control equipment for storage and distribution of liquid glucose and fructose products.

Electrical and control equipment for storage, evaporation and distribution of liquid СО2, N2, O2, Ar2.

Electrical and instrumentation design; manufacturing and installation of electrical and control equipment of production plants.